Architect, Senior Software Developer, Scrum Master

Software Development professional with over 20 years of experience delivering enterprise applications
specializing in the web, database and GIS integrations.

Experience includes leading and mentoring team members, developing architecture, design, and requirements.


What people have to say about Ian
Rachel James Johnes
Kevin Fink

SQL Developer at CarProof

Ian is highly skilled and very hard working. He's a dedicated and loyal long team player who shows incredible commitment to his employer and staff. Ian is a very patient and conscientious individual who is easy to get along with. He's a great leader and well suited for high pressure time sensitive tasks.

March 30, 2011, Kevin worked directly with Ian at iLOOKABOUT Inc.

My Professional Timeline

Working hard and learning new skills
  • 2016 – Present

    Vertical Software International Inc. - London, Ontario

    Senior Software Developer/Architect

    VSI is a software development company delivering web application development services to clients worldwide. The main product is a COTS application that provides case management for multiple Children’s Aid organizations across Canada.

    • Responsible for the financial module which manages approximately $20 million dollars per year in financial benefits to families in Newfoundland.

    • Provide Team management and Architecture for the re-development of the core product using micro services involving a collection of API’s using .NET Core 2.1 and Kubernetes.

    Use of Time: 80% Development, 20% Team and Business management

    Technical Environment: Visual Studio 2017 (C# and VB), Azure Kubernetes, Mongo Database, Graph Database, MS SQL 2016, Azure DevOps (Git, CI/CD), Jira

  • 2012 – 2016

    Doxim - London, Ontario

    Senior MVC Software Developer

    Doxim provides software and document management services to an approximate 70% share of institutions in the Canadian credit union market.

    • Conversion of the Loan Origination (LOS) application from a Windows form application to a web based SAAS application.

    • LOS application uses many modern techniques including MVC, Bootstrap, SignalR, jQuery while protecting user information and integrating many 3rd party service for mortgage, loan insurance and vehicle valuations.

    Use of Time: 90% Development, 10% Coaching and Business Support

    Technical Environment: VB using Visual Studio 2013, Resharper, MS SQL 2012, Team Foundation Server, SVN

  • March 2013 - Jan 2014

    TC Media - London, Ontario

    Senior Software Developer
    Product Lead for Web Services
    Scrum Master

    TC Media provides content for flyers, catalogues, guides and magazines in a digital format for all screens, computer thru mobile devices.

    • SME for the event capture and reporting system, trained the new Toronto Analytic team on our systems.

    • Provided enterprise level REST web services using in memory caching with AppFabric and fail over. Add new custom service methods and provide training and integration with multiple 3rd party vendors.

    • Created and maintained new and legacy ETL applications using a variety of technologies.

    • Liaised with a team of offshore developers.

    • Competed in the company wide Innovation Challenge and became one of the six finalist teams completing for the research grant awarded to the final winners.

    Use of Time: 80% Development and maintenance, 20% Coaching and Business Support

    Technical Environment: C# and VB using Visual Studio 2008-2013, Resharper, MS SQL 2008-2013, Team Foundation Server, SVN, AppFabric, Jira

  • 2011 – 2012

    Buckland Customs Brokers - St. Thomas, Ontario

    Senior Software Developer and Database Analyst

    Buckland provides brokerage for Canada, US and Mexican borders. During my period of employment we completed a five year project that moved the company systems from an AS400 mainframe to a windows based solution. This involved new databases and many improved workflows to eliminate entry errors. • Created and maintained EDI applications for connecting to Canada Border Services Agency platforms. • Created a document management application and associated services to allow for the splitting and merging of PDF, fax and office documents. It also provided a user interface to ‘quarterback’ 2000+ incoming document per day creating transactions and matching to customers. • Responsible for database tuning that allowed a five year project be deployed without database performance and locking issues. • Provided data query and reports from a variety of third party and internal applications. Use of Time: 80% Development and maintenance, 20% assisting customers and learning their requirements. Technical Environment: C# and VB using Visual Studio 2008-2008, MS SQL 2008-2012, Git, YouTrack

  • 2001 – 2011

    iLOOKABOUT - London, Ontario

    Platform and Application Architect
    Senior Software Developer

    iLOOKABOUT pioneered technology for the Virtual Tours industry providing easy real estate marketing. iLOOKABOUT also developed a proprietary geo-coded image product (StreetScape) to help customers explore accurate, location based, high resolution visual data. These images give visual context to customers’ location queries or location based assets. • Took the IT portion of the company from a 4 person idea to a public company and beyond. • Designed the database structure for storing 150 million plus photo collection with their location and time data. • Led the development of pages and web services for all client-facing StreetScape, Addressing and Virtual Tour platforms. This included; • Customer facing UI using asp.NET, C# and JavaScript – in one application the client could click and drag to see photo on either side of a selected point, just like walking up and down the street. • The aggregation and quality checks of photos from multiple collection vehicles. • Data quality control applications using web services and caching mechanisms to allow offshore QA technicians' • Architected the storage infrastructure for 150+ terabytes of image data plus backup with a failure mechanism that allowed uninterrupted client service during maintenance and outages. • Developed a reusable application that provided security and authentication for all company applications. • Developed reporting and administrative web interface for managing collection and tracking of the StreetScape collection and usage. • Architected security mechanisms to allow 3rd party services to seamlessly hand of an authenticated user for unobtrusive client experience. • Created the in house e-Commerce application including the shopping cart, pre-purchasing, product credits and 3rd party integration with e-Xact for credit card processing. • Provided usage and billing data for the Finance team this involved creating queries, validating results then providing results by web portal, SQL server reporting services or exported datasets. • Created a JavaScript image viewer with map integration for viewing photos of a specific location. This involved hand rolling JavaScript with Ajax, newer versions use jQuery for a base JavaScript library. • Created a full administration application for the Virtual Tour product line initially using VBscript, and then updated using C# and ASP.NET. • Provided administration of the MS SQL server databases, including writing and tuning stored procedure, backup plans, data restoration, and performance tuning and monitoring. • Provided project management and task tracking for the start-up company until a project manager was hired in the last year of my tenure. • Mentored a team of developers that provided all customer facing and a large portion of the internal applications. • Analysis of customer requirements, provide technical documentation and lead a team to develop upgrades and new products. • Mentor the team of developers to bring together components built in C#, Delphi, ASP.Net, Silverlight, Flash, Java, JavaScript and VB, providing a multi-faceted service solution. Performed code reviews and used peer -programming to teach and improve coding standards. • Provide database solutions that included writing stored procedures, triggers, performance tuning and maintenance. This includes an emphasis on Microsoft Spatial queries and performance. • Administration, monitoring and maintenance of the Internet connections, network components and computers. Use of Time: 50% Development and maintenance, 20% assisting consumers of the product and learning their needs, 20% R&D, 10% Team management Technical Environment: C# and VB using Visual Studio, Delphi, MS SQL 2008R2, BugNet, SVN

Education and Professional Development

Working hard and learning more skills

Leadership Communications

This first level of leadership development consists of seven courses designed to present fundamental knowledge that will help new and experienced leaders understand their role and the potential they have to positively influence others.

Certified Scrum Master

The most popular Agile certification! This two day course gives you the foundations to be an effective ScrumMaster and contributes towards the requirements of the Scrum Alliance's Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) program.

Agile Foundations

Working in a series of Sprints, teams of students build a software application, thereby facing real-life problems. The mechanics, roles, principles and (empirical) process of Scrum are demonstrated.